What does iZonus mean?

Answer: iZonus comes from the words “Eyes On Us”

Are the Pro Series lights waterproof?

Answer: Water Resistant, but not Waterproof. The lights are designed to withstand water in a heavy rainstorm but not designed to be submerged in water for any length of time.

What is the power source of the Pro Series lights?

Answer: Each of the Pro Series lights operate with 3 AA batteries. Very simple to change and inexpensive to operate.

How long do the lights run?

Answer: Light brightness diminishes with run-time. Different colors of lights require more or less power from one to the other to get the same amount of brightness. Battery quality can make a difference in run-time. Approximate run-time of the Pro Series lights are estimated as follows:

  • Red-White:  70 hours+-

  • Blue-White:  70 hours+-

  • Amber-White: 120 hours+-

  • Amber-Amber: 120 hours+-

Are the Pro Series lights durable?

Answer: Yes. The lights are made with Polycarbonate material. See some of the videos showing the lights being ran over. However, the lights are not designed to be tank proof and we don’t recommend running over them. Being run over is not normal operating conditions as described in the warranty clause.

Do the lights work under water?

Answer: No. The lights are not intended to be used underwater.

Does it take a long time to set-up and take-down?

Answer: No. Set-up and take-down is very fast and efficient, you will love it.

How far away can the lights be seen?

Answer: The lights are quite bright although not blindingly bright as other competitive products claim and they can’t be seen from 10 miles away as some lights claim, but they are very effective and can be seen from a mile away at night.

What is the purpose of the white light?

Answer: The white light has many purposes:

  • Illuminates the traffic scene

  • Illuminates the traffic cone pattern

  • Illuminates the personnel on scene

  • Illuminates investigation/crime scenes

  • Illuminates the area of a person changing a tire or working on a broken-down vehicle

  • Acts as an additional color in the flashing sequence if rotated toward oncoming traffic

Can anyone purchase the lights in any color?

Answer: Yes. However, using the lights is a different thing. The law does not prohibit the purchase of police style or police colored lights but using the lights to impersonate a police car is illegal. We recommend that if you intend to use the lights attached to your vehicle, outside your private residence, or private property, that you confirm your states’ policy regarding the use of red or blue flashing lights.

How strong is the magnet?

Answer: The magnet strength is one of the unique features of the Pro Series light. Our magnet strength is very strong as demonstrated in some of the videos in our video section.

What are some of the industry uses of the Pro Series light?

  • Police - accident scene, road closure, detour, crime scene investigation photos, DUI checkpoints.

  • Fire Fighters - leave lights as breadcrumbs as they enter smoke filled structures to help them find their way out.

  • Traffic Control - Events and related activities where large numbers of people are exiting a forum.

  • Long Haul Trucking - Lights can be used in conjunction with triangles, but can be seen much further away than triangles. We suggest putting the Pro Series lights out first since they can be seen from a greater distance and then follow up with the triangles within 10 minutes as per code.

  • FEMA - for use in severe weather conditions where power is out. Used to block off roads where bridges or roads are no longer travel-able, or power lines are down and laying in the roadway.

  • Utility Companies - for identifying power lines down or gas leaks where roadways must be shut down or detoured. Used also to warn traffic of construction related activity on roadway work.

  • Road Construction Companies - used to warn traffic of road construction crews ahead.

  • Departments of Transportation - used during road construction projects or other construction projects.

  • Crossing Guards - for use in school crossing zones on recommended 28-inch cones.

 How do We ORDER izonus products?

Answer: Please call 801-839-7733 or EMAIL US or Click Here to Submit a Request Form

how do I attach the izonus pro series light to my traffic cone?

Answer: Each Pro Series light can be purchased with a customized traffic cone which has been exclusively equipped with a custom metal disc on top to secure your Pro Series light. Although we strongly recommend using a Pro Series traffic cone with attached metal disc, the traffic cone purchase is optional. If no traffic cones are included in your order, your total purchase amount reflects that. (NOTE: For the best safety possible, make sure you have a high quality attachment solution for your Pro Series use. All cones supplied by iZonus come with a custom designed metal disc secured to the cone.)

What size traffic cones are available?

  • 18”, 28” and 36” cones are made to meet MUTCD specifications.

  • 6” and 12” cones are also available.

  • Each Pro Series light can be purchased with a traffic cone that has been equipped with a custom metal disc attached.

are Izonus pro series lights WARRANTied?

Answer: YES. Pro Series lights feature a two-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

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