The need for better traffic safety products has never been more Critical.

In today's world there are more automobiles traveling at higher speeds with more driver distractions than ever before. The need for better products than those currently available has never been more critical. In many cases, agencies are still using a 100 year-old technology known as “fusees” to help warn and direct traffic during traffic accidents, or traffic events.

In an attempt to compensate for the rise in roadside traffic accidents due to increased traffic flow and distracted drivers, police car emergency lights have become significantly brighter over the years, to such an extent that drivers often find it challenging to navigate an accident scene.

Adding effective hazard lights to an accident/traffic scene gives the appearance that there is a lot happening up ahead – drivers should be slowing down and preparing to move over. Our solution is to put more "moderately” bright lights on the scene, but not so bright that drivers find it challenging to navigate their way when they come upon a traffic accident scene.


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